How to calculate gpa excel

Learn how to easily calculate your GPA using Microsoft Excel with this step-by-step guide.
How to calculate gpa excel

How to Calculate GPA in Excel

If you are a student, calculating your GPA (Grade Point Average) is an important task. Your GPA is a measure of your academic performance, and it is often used by colleges, universities, and employers to determine your eligibility for scholarships, admission, and employment. While calculating your GPA may seem daunting at first, it is actually a relatively simple task, especially when using Microsoft Excel. In this article, we will show you how to easily calculate your GPA using Excel with a step-by-step guide.

Gather Your Grades

Before you can calculate your GPA, you will need to gather all of your grades. This includes all of your classes from the current semester as well as any previous semesters. Make sure you have the numerical grades for each class on hand.

Create a New Spreadsheet

In Excel, create a new spreadsheet by clicking on the ‘File’ tab and selecting ‘New’. Choose ‘Blank Workbook’ to create a new, empty spreadsheet.

Enter Your Grades

In the first column of your new spreadsheet, enter the names of your classes. In the second column, enter the numerical grades you received for each class. Make sure to include all of your classes from all semesters, even if you did not receive a grade for some of them.

Calculate Quality Points

To calculate your quality points for each class, multiply the numerical grade by the number of credit hours for that class. For example, if you received a B in a 3-credit hour class, you would multiply 3 (the number of credit hours) by 3 (the numerical value of a B) to get 9 quality points.

Create a Total Quality Points Column

In a new column, add up the quality points for each class. This will give you a total quality points score for all of your classes.

Calculate Your GPA

To calculate your GPA, divide your total quality points by the total number of credit hours. For example, if your total quality points score is 45 and you have taken a total of 15 credit hours, your GPA would be 3.0.

Add Semester GPAs

If you want to find your GPA for a specific semester, simply add up the quality points for all of the classes you took during that semester and divide by the total number of credit hours for that semester.

Use Weighted Grading Scales

If your school uses a weighted grading scale, you will need to adjust your calculations accordingly. For example, if an A is worth 4.0 in a regular class but 5.0 in an honors class, you will need to multiply the numerical grade by the appropriate weighting factor.

Add Drop and Withdrawal Grades

If you dropped or withdrew from a class, you will need to include that grade in your GPA calculation. Simply enter the grade as a 0 in your spreadsheet and include the credit hours in your total credit hours calculation.

Round Your GPA

When calculating your GPA, round your final score to the nearest hundredth. For example, if your calculated GPA is 2.974, round it up to 2.98.

Use Excel Functions

Excel has built-in functions that can make calculating your GPA even easier. For example, you can use the SUM function to add up your quality points, and the AVERAGE function to calculate your GPA.

Save Your Spreadsheet

Once you have finished calculating your GPA, save your spreadsheet for future reference. You may want to update it each semester to keep track of your progress.

Double-Check Your Calculations

Before you rely on your calculated GPA, double-check your calculations to ensure accuracy. A small mistake could lead to an incorrect GPA, which could have serious consequences.

Seek Professional Help

If you are having difficulty calculating your GPA, or if you have questions about how to do so, seek professional help. Your school may have a guidance counselor or academic advisor who can assist you.

Practice Regularly

Calculating your GPA can be a useful skill, so practice regularly to keep your skills sharp. You never know when you might need to calculate your GPA for a job or scholarship application.

Use Online GPA Calculators

If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, or if you simply prefer a quicker solution, there are many online GPA calculators available. Simply enter your grades and credit hours, and the calculator will do the rest.


By following these simple steps, you can easily calculate your GPA in Excel. With a little practice, you will be able to accurately calculate your GPA for each semester and for your entire academic career.

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